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If you want results then choose Core Fitness Personal Training

Did you know?

“It’s a fact that in most gyms members will end up leaving because they don’t actually achieve their fitness goals.”

Core Fitness is a dedicated 1:1 Personal Training Studio focused on getting lean body results for clients. We are perfect for people that want to achieve results but prefer to train in a less imposing, friendlier atmosphere than in your typical Gym.

When you sign up to personal training with me I will help you set realistic, attainable goals in our initial assessment. We will build a map of how we are going to get towards achieving them using all the training and nutritional essentials.
STEVIE ALLEN Personal Trainer, Spin & Functional Fitness Coach


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Why Choose Us?

1. Reduce fat levels

Our strength training for fat loss methods include using overload principles to illicit an increase in lean body mass and a reduction in fat tissue. These methods have been proven to be more beneficial than running or typical cardio methods for long term fat loss. The reason being that strength training increases the bodys metabolism (the engine for burning fat) unlike endurance running which can catabolise or eat into muscle tissue and thus reduce your engine for burning fat.

2. Enhance Fitness

If its enhanced fitness you want we can do that too. Using muscular resistance, functional training, boxing and interval training we will construct you a dynamic personal training program to boost fitness levels.

3. Increase Muscular Strength

At Core Fitness we use the progressive overload principle to illicit muscular strength gains. If you are new to strength training you will make significant gains in neuromuscular strength within the first 6 weeks. If you have a training background we can use advanced techniques to further improve your physique and strength parameters. No matter what level you are there is progress to be made.

4. Reduce Stress

Forget going home having a drink or using food to unwind….. exercise is much more beneficial for alleviating stress. There is nothing quite like getting the sweat on and training to kick stress into touch – what felt like a massive weight on shoulders before fades to insignificance after training at Core –Fitness. It will also help you to perform better at your job and feel better about yourself.


    Starting Monday 5th March (only £179)

    18 group training sessions
    1 x PT / Wk
    Before & After Pictures
    Nutrition Plan
    PT Vouchers Also Available All Year Round
    Great Results Guaranteed!!