Achieving your goals is 80% nutrition – 20% hard work. You cannot out train a bad diet.

Core-Fitness PT will help you achieve your fitness goals using a blend of functional strength based exercises. We can help you:

Reduce fat levels

In conjunction with Core Fitness PT we will sit down and begin to tidy up your dietary intake to ensure you maximize results. We will require you to fill out details about your current diet and complete a mini food diary for a few days. Then with the information gained we will advise you of how to improve your diet to ensure you meet all essentially dietary requirements.
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For optimal gut health it is key that you are taking in a wide variety of foods to ensure maximal absorption of all nutrients. Once this is established we can get you into a negative energy balance for a period whereby your intake will be less than your output and thus reduce body fat levels. And since you will be taking in the correct type of nutrients you will elicit a reduction in body fat without compromising your lean body muscle.

Increase Muscular Strength

If strength gains are your goal then sign up to Core-Fitness Personal Training now. We will show you how to illicit great strength gains using the progressive overload principle and good quality technique. Far too often we see individuals trying to push as much weight as they can but with bad form. We will show you how to focus on using specific muscle groups when lifting the weight and explain how time under tension and training volume are much more important when muscular strength gains are concerned.

Improve Body Shape

We are always trying to improve in some way or other – the same applies to our body shape. Supplements are a multi million pound and a lot of them are completely useless if not detrimental to health. Supplementation using the right product definitely has its place but Core-Fitness will show you how to improve your body shape with regular exercise and healthy meal choices. If you develop healthy habits and train frequently enough you will look fantastic.

Tone up

Core Fitness specializes in toning the body up using a mixture of strength and functional training exercises along with optimal nutrition. Core Fitness Classes are fantastic at helping you tone up fast.

Enhance Fitness

Using a blend of resistance, functional and interval training we will help you to improve your fitness levels. We utilize heart rate training to ensure fitness levels are progressively increased and that training responses are elicited.

Reduce Stress

Exercise is one of the best ways in which to eradicate stress levels and trust us when we tell you that after a session at Core Fitness you will be stress free and ready to take on the world. Crucially though and in addition to exercise another key way to bust stress is to eat a healthy, well balanced diet. Doing this will eradicate unhealthy stress elevating toxins within the body and lead to a healthier you. We will show you how to train better, eat smarter and kick stress into touch.

Improve Sports Specific Fitness

We have trained many clients with sports specific goals. A mix of good training techniques and performance enhancing nutrition is a necessity in these ever competitive fields. Core Fitness will help guide you and make you a better all rounded athlete for your sport.

Get in Shape for a Special Event

If you want to look good in that dress or want to get in shape for that special event then personal training is for you. We also have transformational 6 week personal training programs available at certain stages throughout the year. This blend of PT, group training, nutrition planning with before and after pictures is a sure fire way to get you in top shape fast.

Exercise as part of your Lifestyle

Make exercise part of your lifestyle at Core Fitness, Newtownards. Our aim is to build a fitness community and help many people achieve their goals and ambitions in health, fitness and body composition.